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Animailers provides a variety of pet transportation services for domestic or international moves. Successful relocation of your pet requires careful planning with a current knowledge of all domestic and international regulations, as well as the most current import regulations and requirements of the destination country. With that knowledge, along with our extensive network of other international animal transportation professionals, we provide time saving, safe transportation for your pets. We are dedicated to providing worry-free, hassle-free, cost effective transportation of your animals anywhere in the world. We partner only with IPATA members so you can be sure of top quality professional services from companies that adhere to IPATA's strict code of ethics, policies, standards and practices.

Animailers provides customized, flexible transportation services to fit your budget and scheduling needs. From basic flight bookings to comprehensive, no hassle, door-to-door delivery, we can transport your pet—cat, dog, or exotic—almost* anywhere in the world.

* There are still some places that are truly impossible to get to and, as strange as it sounds, there are some countries that do not allow or don't have the capabilities to import pets.

Air Transportation Costs

Air transportation for pets and other animals is not like personal air travel. The cost of transportation is based on cargo rates and other fees charged by an airline. There are no special discounts for off-peak travel, no special rates for advanced bookings, and no discounts for shipping more than one pet. Cargo rates are based on weight, either actual weight or dimensional volume weight, which is why providing the actual weight of your pet is critical. A properly sized crate is also critical not only for accurate weight for costing, but also to meet the increasingly strict emphasis the airlines place on IATA Live Animal Regulations. (In short, if your pet is not in the right sized crate, it will not be allowed to fly. See more in our section on crates.

Our Travel Services

  • Customized, budget-conscious transportation arrangements
  • Long distance and short hop ground transportation along the Eastern Seaboard for dogs, cats and other animals with special travel needs
  • Special arrangements for long distance transportation anywhere in the continental United States for dogs, cats and other animals with special travel needs
  • Exclusive accompanied travel on domestic and international flights (by special arrangement only)
  • Airline reservations
  • Travel itineraries
  • Delivery or pick-up for all area airports with special service available for Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, PA and Richmond, VA
  • Delivery or pick-up for airports along the Eastern Seaboard
  • Up-to-date information to assist you in preparing your pet for shipping domestically or internationally
  • Consulting service for those who prefer arranging travel personally


Additional Services

  • Vaccinations, certificates, and documentation
  • Airline approved shipping containers
  • Customs clearance
  • Embassy or consulate service for country-specific import permits and documentation
  • Destination/origin ground transportation service
  • Home pick up and drop off
  • Full service boarding facility
  • Dog and cat grooming
  • Travel crates that meet requirements stated in the IATA/LAR
  • Custom-built crates for exotic and other animals, as well as giant breeds and dogs requiring special handling or with special needs


Please keep in mind that in the event of any delays caused by weather or the airlines, care for your pets will be provided for additional charges that will be included in your final invoice.

We accept all major credit cards (American Express, Discovery, MasterCard and Visa) and bank transfers. Animailers does not accept money orders.

Animailers is not an airline. If you intend to ship your animals yourself, please contact a pet-friendly airline.