Courtney Roe

Courtney is the newest member of the Animailers team.  Courtney began her career in the pet care industry three years ago while still in high school. She started as a caretaker and walker at The Pet Salon, Animailers’ parent company; now she runs the kennel when the owners are away. Among her accomplishments since starting at The Pet Salon, she has become a skilled handler of exotic pets. Recently, Courtney added certified groomer to her quickly growing resume.

This summer she was added to the Animailers staff as a ground transportation assistant is now in her apprenticeship as a Pet Travel Specialist.

A life-long pet owner and animal lover, Courtney is considering a career in animal control as one of her long term goals. She also provides independent pet-sitting services to select clientele.

Courtney’s spends her off time playing with Meko, the Daschund; Miss Muffet, Courtney’s rescued Manx cat; finally, there are Wiz and Juicy, the corn snakes. She loves big dogs and eventually wants a Great Dane.